Learning FAQs

How do I watch a video in full screen?

In Firefox, right click on the video (after it begins to play) and click on 'Full Screen' to view the video in full screen.
Unfortunately, there is no way, at present, to view the video in full screen on Chrome or on Internet Explorer.

How does a course get marked as complete?

In order to have the video marked as complete, the user must watch more than 10% of the duration of the video. If the user skips more than 10% of the video duration, the course will be marked as incomplete.

How do I upload my own Learning content to the LMS?

We are currently working on adding this feature to Growth Edition and it is one of the features on our 2017 product roadmap. Please see the Feature Comparison Chart in the Growth Edition Success Center for more details.

What do the icons alongside the course titles represent in my Learning Transcript?

All courses in Learning have been assigned to categories that encompass the themes explored within the course materials. These icons relate to the corresponding category the courses exists within. You can view all the current categories available by going to “Browse Training” and selecting “View category” on the top right.

The current list of learning content categories includes –
• Adaptability/ Maximizing Potential
• Coaching for performance
• Communication Skills
• Employee Development
• Engagement
• Problem Solving

Glossary of Terms



A unit of learning content. This could take many forms, including, a video, interactive courses


A transcript is an inventory of the courses taken by a user in Growth Edition


A collection of all the courses that can currently be registered to

Mobile Friendly

A course that can be accessed on and is optimized for mobile devices, including, smartphones and tablet devices

Active Courses

Courses that a user is currently registered to

Completed Courses

Courses that a user has completed. In the case of videos, this is determined by the viewer having watched at least 90% of the video without skipping.

Course Categories

Courses in Growth Edition's Learning Management system have been categorized to allow users to easily browse through and find relevant courses of interest.

Learning FAQs