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Welcome to Cornerstone Growth Edition – the easy way to manage performance and develop your team. It automates reviews, it gives managers practical tips and guidance to develop your team and make smarter business decisions.

Performance Review Process

In each round of performance reviews, there are three phases: Goal Setting, Self-Review, Manager Review. Goal Setting feeds into the Self-Review and the Manager Review. These three stages can be completed, submitted and unsubmited. Managers and employees have the ability to unsubmit reviews to add or change goals, or modify competency scoring or comments.

  • Goal Setting – Managers work with their direct reports to input goals, then managers approve the Goals that will form the basis for rating their team. Competencies are already set by admins.
  • Self-Review - Employees rate themselves on the Goals and Competencies.
  • Manager Review - Managers rate their team and have the ability to see the ratings and comments that were submitted by employees during the self-review process.

As a manager using Growth Edition, you can:

During the performance review, the widgets that you will use as a manager include Team Goal Settings, Team Reviews, Analytics, and Reports.

Getting Started