Common Questions

How do I implement my system? How do I perform a non-live review for testing purposes?

To get more familiar with the functionality and features of the system, we encourage all brand new users to PiiQ to follow the exercises in our Quick Setup. Additional help and product information can be found in the PiiQ Success Center by going to Get Up and Running on PiiQ.
As a brand new user, we encourage our customers to go through a testing phase, which gives you the opportunity to examine the tool and schedule a non-live review round, without it affecting your workforce. The Getting Started Guide, beginning in section ‘Let’s Get Started’ is a great resource and outline to follow. During the testing phase, you’ll review the content templates, modify and create goals and competencies, create roles and assign goals and competencies to that role type, review tags, create a test employee using an alternative personal email address, create a test review round, and perform goal setting and team reviews.

How do I change my password?

In the top-right corner, you find your personal setting icon. By default, it shows your initial until you upload a picture.If you click on that icon you can select from the menu the option to change your password.

What do I do if I forgot my password?

The only way to get access to a new password is via email and the forgotten password link. The forgotten password link can be accessible from the login screen. On the second page, you will be asked to enter your registered email. Then, an email from will be sent to the end user with the link to create a new password. For more details, click here.

Is there spell check?

PiiQ is optimized for modern browsers that provide built-in spell checking.

Common Questions