People Management FAQs

Why I am not able to add an email because it's in use?

Each user is identified by their unique email. As such the email address can only be used by one user.
If the email address is
• already taken by a different user or
• user in a different trial
Please contact the support team and we can assist you in clearing the email for you.

Can I deactivate people?

Currently, it is not possible to deactivate people. However, we identified the need to exclude people from the review cycle temporarily.
This is a high priority feature on our road map and we aim to deliver this feature early.

How does the system know who reviews who?

In Growth Edition reviews are organized based on the reporting structure. Each employee is reviewed by the manager. The individual reporting lines are managed in the people section of the tool by the administrator.
If you need to change the manager for individual employees please see Change manager in mid-cycle.

How do I search for an employee in the organization?

In the top-right corner, you will find a global people search. Entering a part of the name will list all matching users in the system.

People Management FAQs