Viewing your Course Transcript

From the dashboard, clicking on the ‘View Training’ button on the ‘My Learning’ widget takes you to your active transcript.

  1. If no courses are currently registered to, A message will appear on this page asking you to register for a course in the Library with a link to take you there.

  2. Once you register for a course
    I. It will show up in the ‘Active’ tab in your transcript
    II. Active courses will be ordered chronologically based on when they were added to the transcript (i.e. the courses most recently added to the transcript will be at the top of the list).

  1. Once you have completed a course
    I. It will move to the Completed tab in your transcript
    II. Completed courses will be ordered chronologically, starting with the most recent completed course listed at the top.

Course Completion

Skipping more than 10% of a course will lead to the course being marked as incomplete. To ensure a video course gets marked as complete, it is recommended you watch it end-to-end.

Viewing your Course Transcript